When it comes to hip hop, drugs, violence and sex are the prevalent themes. From the days of the gun totting gangster rappers whose lyrics were subtle as compared to their lives, morality has always been a shady issue. Let alone these new guys who keep getting busted with guns all the time but we know the only time they use them is when they are shooting music videos. But the old gang fell off. Some died, engulfed by the perils of the lives they led, falling victim to bullets and disease. Others reformed, went all legit and made huge chunks of money putting on legit fronts while at the same time coordinating back deals behind the scenes. Every time I see Snoop on these cheesy pop videos I think back to all his past songs when he was all nasty and thuggish. Being washed out did not go well for everyone, apparently.

But I digress. Topic of discussion is about ASAP Rocky and the new hedonistic life that commercial success has afforded him. In an interview with the New York post, the self acclaimed fashion killer admits to using LSD, which was given to him by iLoveMakonnen, at the previous SXSW festival and having three orgies with nine different chics afterwards. Nine, folks. Take your time letting that sink in. Two alone stirs a shudder from somewhere. Nine is two more horcruxes than the ones Voldemort made. With weed being labeled subtle, new school artistes have taken to LSD with ASAP dedicating an ode to it in his upcoming album. It is no secret that ASAP lives a wild life. Snippets of his life feature heavily in his music and you can see him partaking in varied pleasures.

But in all this, I find myself wondering where the line is and where exactly does one cross it. How far is too far? LSD is by no means your usual drug. Hordes of people have come out speaking of the intense psychedelic trips they’ve had to endure after using acid. ASAP’s case is a pretty good example of why people should steer clear from it but he glorifies it, talking about the effects like he’s talking about brushing teeth. These celebs command a heavy following. They almost solely influence trends and what trigger teens into substance abuse better than music?

Am I the only one who feels artistes should have some bit of self censorship? You know, try to be a bit laid back in delving into their private lives. But I am just a lowly observer. Maybe wildness is the revival spring that hip hop needs. What do you think?


Joe Black