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Celebrity couples we’ve had in Kenya

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Celebrity couples we’ve had in Kenya

Yesterday we unraveled what might be the newest celebrity couple in town, Timmy T-dat and Dela. If they indeed are an item, then they’ll add to the long list of celebrity couples we have had in the local scene. Not the first, and of course not the last. Can we look at some of the celebrity couples that the local arena has seen in the past, the surviving ones and the past tense? We can? Good. Here we go.

  1. Nameless and Wahu.

The oldest celebrity couple we have ever seen in Kenya. These two tied the knot back in 2005 and have gone ahead to become a model family to many young couples. They have two daughters, Tumiso and Nyakio. The two are not ashamed of expressing their love for each other even in their social media circles, showing other couples that indeed, true love never dies.

 2. Kenrazy and Sosuun.

These two are Ghipuka artistes who were once in Pacho before heading to Grandpa Records then decamping there as well. They have a 5-year-old daughter who they’ve christened Keniana.

sos Celebrity couples we've had in Kenya
Sosuun, Kenrazy and daughter

 3. Dj Moh and Size 8.

The most popular celebrity couple right now. Nobody ever saw this coming. When Size 8 turned over a new leaf and became a gospel artiste, it took many by surprise. same way it did when she married Dj Mo. The two have a cute baby girl called Ladasha Belle Wambo whose Instagram account has almost 110, 000 followers.

sos Celebrity couples we've had in Kenya
Dj Mo, Ladasha and Size 8.

 4. Dennis Okari and Betty Kyalo.

They are among the top journalists in Kenya. When the two walked down the aisle last year, it was the most glamorous wedding for the year. They went for honeymoon in different destinations; Diani, Mauritius and then Dubai. However, something happened less than a year into their marriage. Divorce rumors flew around and before we knew it, it was alleged that the two had split and were no longer living together. The two have however sealed their lips concerning the whole issue.

sos Celebrity couples we've had in Kenya
Dennis Okari and Betty Kyalo on their big day

 5. Timmy T-dat and Kush Tracey.

Our boy is here again, Timmy dated fellow artiste Kush Tracey. The too looked so much in love, confessing their love for each other during the day. They even had a song together, Ndulu, and were involved in a road accident together while looking for locations for their video. Then the story came to an abrupt end, with each side accusing the other of being responsible for it all. Kush Tracey said Timmy had assaulted her while Timmy said that she had been snatched from her by some Kisii politician whose goons had beaten him mercilessly outside club 1824.

 6. Colonel Mustapha and Marya.

sos Celebrity couples we've had in Kenya

It broke our hearts, this one. Perefct match made in heaven for each one, they graced our magazines and were the loveliest couple at the time. They were signed to Ogopa DJs, then they did a collabo ‘Hey baby’ and were a couple everybody else envied. Then when things looked forward to going up, they crumbled, fell and broke. Mustapha is Muslim and Marya Christian.Their efforts to take their relationship to be more than that but marriage hit rock bottom after the obvious religious differences. And that was the end of the sweet narrative.




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