Rapper Darassa

Tanzanian rapper Darassa’s joint ‘Muziki’ is currently the talk of town, not only in Tanzania but also in Kenya. However, the song’s effect has gone overboard and a group of young men in Tanzania landed in trouble for overlooking road safety and leaving nobody to control the car as they danced.

The overly-excited men are seen recording the video, singing along and the driver jumps out of his seat to the back seat where he starts dancing. It’s an act that made them be arrested and held at Itigi Police Station in Singida.


Rapper Darassa has spoken about the incident saying that he is still following up on the case, adding that he hopes the guys learn from the experience. “I’m sure wamejifunza Hawawezi kufanya tena mistake Kama Hii itokee, mizuka feelings mtu anaweza kufanya kitu njee ya mipango yake sometimes,” he wrote on his official Instagram handle.