Elani is a group that is not just about their music, yes they are super talented, and have had great hits such as Zuzu, My Darling and Nikupende

But their music tends to be conscious, they seek to teach their audience something. And their latest song aims to do just that!

Just yesterday Elani released the music video for the mid-tempo Sirudi featuring Jaguar.

The song focuses on domestic violence. Bryan and Wambui are playing the couple in the video. Here is the shocking part though; Bryan is the bad boy, he beats up on his bae, Wambui. And despite all this she seems to be determined to be a good girlfriend to him.

elani2 Elani1

It is a very eye opening video. Watch the video to see how the story unfolds.

Ladies and dudes, if you are in a domestic relationship, know that it is your right to leave. Your safety is all that matters.

Love never hurts!