Boda boda is a word that has, over the time, undergone so much metamorphosis. It originated from the bicycles that operated along the Kenya-Tanzania borderferrying passengers for a fee. Times are changing and people upped their game so they started doing Motorbikes and not bicycles. Boda boda simply referred to their nature of operating along the border, with people saying it operated ‘from border to border’.

Well, the name has ever since gone beyond the borders and is now all over Kenya and east Africa at large, with the business being so lucrative and very popular in the recent past. When we thought that it’s the end for the name ‘Boda boda’, I mean, being used in such a wide area, the name/word just made it to the Oxford Dictionary 9th Edition! Yes, true. Boda Boda is now an English word, found in the dictionary! Boda boda is among almost 900 words that were added to the dictionary.