“#GirlNextDoor is the second video off our forthcoming collaborations LP, #AfrikanSauce. We will be dropping dope collabos from around the continent every month till November this year,”reads the description in this spanking new video.

Okay, so let us watch out for more. For now, can we hold up and give this boyband a standing ovation for letting Chimano do the intro to this jam?! He already climaxed it before I could excited. The mtaa setting of the video is as simple and as relatable. This land is not for sale signage killed me. Haha! Tiwa Savage, girl next door, is seemingly stuck in their keja na kelele za mathe seem to be getting the better of her. Of course, Bien is the supposed boy next door who takes her away as they take our breath away with their amazing words to each other.

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On the down low, I’ve been loving Eminado tangu enzi za maziwa ya Nyaaayo.Niko tayari kukupenda, January to December, hold my hand and don’t let me go noow…

Eish!Powerful.Maziwa ya Nyayo though!

And just like Melanin, it escalated slowly as the sun set to a party scene where they all converge to party away. Party cups up and more and more grinding. Fancy fingers so fancy on the guitar and we go like, “baby let’s roll out, wanna have a conversation let me roll one…”

and Tiwa goes like, “…I know you want to have a taste of my flavor sana-boy next door!”

Oh, what a love song. Watch the video here and let us know what you think.