King Mswati bans divorce in Swaziland

This might sound as one hell of a joke, or an extended prank of April Fools’ Day but no, it’s very true. According to The Times of Swaziland, the king held a meeting with Christian leaders at his Engabezweni Royal Residence on Sunday and issued the decree. “In our culture, once you marry, there is no turning back,” King Mswati is quoted.

He told the pastors to inform their congregations that once one entered into marriage, there was no turning back.

This comes at a time when the kingdom’s attorney general is drafting a marriage bill which spells out the five grounds of divorce. The 49-year old king is allowed by law to marry a wife each year and he has done so ever since he was 18, after his crowning as king following his late father’s demise.

Swaziland is the largest existing monarchy currently, with great fetish for polygamy. Out of it’s 1.2 million citizens, more than 210, 000 are infected with the HIV virus.

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