Lupita Nyong’o’s heartwarming open letter to dad

Lupita Nyong’o might be away from home but her heart and soul still remains where her parents call home. The award-winning actress took some time off her tight schedule to send a heartwarming letter to her dad Prof. Anyango who is vying for the Kisumu County gubernatorial seat in the upcoming general election.

“This is an open letter to my father. Daddy, I love you and I respect you

,”she began in a video posted on her social media pages. “I’m sorry I can’t be there right now because I’m working on a new movie. But you can count on my prayers,” she added.

She reminisced of the days she rode on a donkey to the market place, riding on Boda bodas, attending political rallies, listening to stories at the fire place and a lot more experiences that she had in shagz Kisumu. She singled out her pride for Kisumu as the reason she brought the Vogue magazine to feature there last year.

“May God bless you daddy, You are a winner Tich Tire.. Kisumu Stand up, choose Anyang’ Nyong’o to be you governor, Tich Tire” she wrapped up her message.

‘Tich Tire’ is Dholuo for ‘Let work be done’

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