When you are married to one of the most sought after football players in the world. Protecting your marriage is a full time job…wahhhh

So basically there is this Brazilian model called Miss BumBum who has been sending Messi some raunchy pics on the DM on Instagram. Check out how she looks.


According to Fox News, 25-year-old Suzy Cortez (Miss BumBum) is accusing Messi’s wife for blocking her after she bombarded the striker with ‘bum shots’.

During an interview the model had this to say,

I was completely shocked when I spotted it. If I could, I would tell her not to be worried about me, I’m just a fan. I’m surprised that she isn’t more sure of herself – This is such an over-reaction.
I only follow about 10 people and he was one of them. So when I saw that I was blocked I thought it could only be
jealousy. Why would he block me if he has 40 million followers? Then I checked her profile and confirmed she had also blocked me.

Well, if you are sending someone’s husband such pictures as the ones above, you deserve to be blocked and shut down.