Bananas and strawberries isolated on white

Hold up! The boy child has once again gone through twelve hours of slavery in the hands of female netizens. Each lass turned into some Ada Lovelace, communicating in a fruit-coded language that took lads so long to hack! Yesterday evening we began seeing strange updates especially on Facebook, of different fruits. You know, makes the whole news feed look like some orchard, grocery or some fruit salad.

The fruits actually had meanings. However, we hacked into their systems and stole the info;

  1. Blueberry: I am single.
  2. Pineapple: It’s complicated.
  3. Raspberry: I am a touch and go woman.
  4. Apple : I’m engaged.
  5. Cherry: I’m in a relationship.
  6. Banana : I am married.
  7. Avocado: I am the “other one”.
  8. Strawberry: Can’t find the right one.
  9. Lemon: I wish I was single.
  10. Grape: I wants to get married.

So this is it. But why? I mean, why do women have to know what other women are? Why do they have to hide it from men? Si always, the North pole is looking for the North pole (Like poles?)? Let’s reason together, no female port wants to know what the other female port is, it’s the male port that does. So, come on, give men secret names like Banana, Cucumber, Toothpick and share their photos on social media with the names as captions. That way, men will know their competitors, and of course everybody will know who shares who with who, ama? I’m trying to think Miss A calling Mr. B a Cucumber while Miss. C called him a toothpick. Interesting, no?

Well, lego!