Everything has an end; so once you and your better half that was not actually your better half break up, there’s no other alternative; move on. Ending things is actually a call for new beginnings, opening a new page where only you can write what you want you want to happen. It is bound to be hard to kill the buzz of being in a relationship; when the feeling of loneliness starts to kick in, the thought of calling your ex comes to your mind and you actually start thinking that it would be smart to call your ex. You’re wiser than this and you know that once you close some doors, it’s best they remain shut. Here are some reasons why you should not get back with your ex:

1. You had a good reason for letting them go. You got together gave it a shot and it never worked out. Some people just aren’t compatible. You may still have feelings for that person but they are not worth it; life is too short to force love.

2. You’re both still carrying the baggage from your previous relationship. Emotional baggage weighs down anyone but the awesome thing is that the heaviness of that luggage becomes lighter with time. The problem comes in when we go back to old relationships and memories kick in; the fights, cheating and abuse are added burdens that have no place in a relationship. Let them go.

Emotional Baggage

3. The trust you had has been broken. Trust in relationships is very essential; it’s difficult to build it once it was lost by someone you that you cared for deeply. Are you sure you want to be in a relationship where there is no trust at all? Where you always have doubts about your guy or chick is doing?

trust4. Love is a 50-50 thing. Love has a way of combining your physical and mental emotions. You had already made up your mind that that relationship is not working and you took the next step and broke up. Love is not just about the chemistry; you have to decide to be in love so that you can be loved and every part of being has to agree with that. If your mind and heart aren’t in accordance, then don’t force it.

5. What you feel now is not what you initially felt for your ex. When we are far from someone we care about, we will begin to miss them; add a romantic feel to the mix and you will have a light obsession. Some people sometimes confuse that with love and the feeling fades once we start seeing that person regularly. Missing someone creates a fantasy; it makes you think of what you would do if you were together. In that fantasy there is a guilt feeling if that fantasy involves your ex; that guilt feeling should not be the reason for reconciling with with your ex. Eliminate the fantasy. This should be your attitude, below.

feelings for an ex