Stalking is a complex crime that is heavily mostly misunderstood and underreported in most places around the world.

In this digital/ Social Media we’ve all heard someone say: “I stalked him/her on Facebook/IG/Twitter” and we make light of it because, who are we hurting really? However, stalking can make your life a living hell, here are some things you can do should you find yourself in this position: 


Send a clear message: If you have the contact of your stalker, tell them to stay away in the clearest manner possible. Sometimes creating a fuss about something it actually makes things worse than they were.

Avoid being Confrontational: When confronting them, don’t appear scared or shaken by them. Most stalkers feed of the fear of their ‘prey’. Even if you don’t particularly feel brave at the moment, fake courage.


Stalking often instills fear on the victim

Have backup: Don’t confront your stalker alone if you’re doing it in person be smarter because anything can happen.

Keep A record of everything: Here we’re talking all those creepy texts, those strange emails, anything that can possibly be used as evidence. The more the evidence you have, the easier it will be to have the person arrested and charged.


Be Vocal: Tell people you trust about it. Please don’t be embarrassed or afraid to speak out about being stalked.


Be Smart: Remember, not everyone on Social Media has your best interests at heart. Be as private as possible with what you share about yourself, e.g. Your location, Your phone number, where you live, small things that seem inconsequential and harmless, but could have some far reaching consequences.


Become Spontaneous: If you have a routine that you regularly follow, break it. Change everything you do especially when you are sure that you have a stalker. Change your locks and passwords to something new. Most stalkers know almost all your moves and they are usually people who are

Most importantly, as the victim, please don’t blame yourself. Stalking is not your fault. You’re the victim, not the cause.

All Photos Courtesy of Tumblr