It seems like this August has 71 days, yoh! So much has happened to Kenyans this month, some even thought that the world has conspired against us. Anyway, here is to celebrating the end of a month that lasted longer that usual.

Check out a list of the highlights of what went down this month.

  1. General Elections– Who can forget this? The country was on standby for a whole week. Tensions and emotions were high, but we thank heavens that they were peaceful.
  2. Form tharee4B– The form that had the country on hostage. We were all holding our breaths waiting for the forms from all the polling stations to be returned to the election headquarters which was at Bomas of Kenya.
  3. Chilobae– Who can forget the man who drove all the Kenyan ladies wild. Mr Ezra Choloba aka Chilobae, CEO of the IEBC was hot on the lips of most of the women in Kenya. Most boyfriends and husbands were not happy though!
  4. Githeriman – Mr Kimotho became an instant internet sensation when he was pictured on the grueling voting queues enjoying his githeri snack that he carried to ward of hunger. The instant celebrity is now loved by many, gaining instant fame and some fortune.
  5. Kibanda bae – This was all about a girl called Nancy Soni who mesmerized Kenyans when she was busted for using men for her fraudulent transactions. She acquired the name Kibandabae after she took a selfie while at a kibanda. We still do not know what happened to her.
  6. Plastic ban– Kenya will now punish with up to four years in jail anyone making, selling or importing plastic bags, putting in place one of the world’s toughest bans on the ubiquitous item that is blamed for clogging oceans and killing marine life. Let’s just say that life will be much harder now, but it is for a good cause yeah!
  7. NASE Court petition- NASA top five officials officially filled a court petition claiming the elections that just concluded were fraudulent. Kenyans are awaiting the results with baited breath.
  8. Mayweather vs McGregor- One of the biggest and most expensive fights to ever happen in a boxing ring took place. Mayweather emerged the winner but McGregor walked away with a tidy sum of money.
  9. GOT- This one does not even need much explanation, the most lit season of GOT happened, and now we have to wait like two years for the continuation.
  10. Sarahah- This App changed peoples lives for about two weeks. The anonymous messaging app that shot to the top of app stores mid month. It basically gives you the right to say whatever you want to say to anyone while remaining anonymous, scary right!

And it’s still August 😭😭😭😭😭😭