Jordan CaseyEntrepreneurship has no age limit. In any case, it is never too early, or too late to start a business. At only fourteen years of age, Waterford student Jordan Casey announced his third company. He named it “Eventzy”. Attending the Web Summit, he explained that Eventzy, which has the tagline “events made easy”, will be a website and app for people to manage events on.

eventzy logo“People can create an event on the site, or add an event to Facebook from the app. It will allow users to create their own ticket system and manage the event schedule.” He explained that the software is currently in beta testing but will be launched in the New Year.

Once you have an idea, don’t throw your eggs in one basket. It is good to have your consumers test your product for you. Work with already established people in whatever fiend you wish to venture in. Jordan for instance, since the full version will not be available till January he has a free version already available for smaller events, as well as a paid version for larger, corporate events.

Welsummer HenKnow your competition. This is important if you want to succeed them. Tweak your product so that it is confused with what already exists. Jordan said that, “We won’t be competing with Eventbrite as they are mainly about tickets. Our software will allow users to manage events and promote them on social media.”

A business does not have to be something totally new and different. Although that does help, you can just adapt to what is in your environment. You can create a business out of the simplest things. Avenues like Facebook allow you to see the demand of your product and you can enhance it from there.

facebook-88-of-small-businessBusiness and success does not come all at once, all of a sudden. You have to work towards it. Plus it is a somewhat never ending cycle as you should always strive to make your product better and relevant. Last year during the Web Summit, Casey launched Teachware. He said more than 300 teachers have signed up to use the software with more than 150 using it on a daily basis.

Your numbers do not have to be off the charts, they do say that the journey of 1000 miles begins with one step. Take that first step towards your own success. That first step is always the hardest, but be sure once you take it, you are headed somewhere.

By Zahra