Over 7,000 people attended the Easter Ameru Festival held in Meru town over the long weekend.

With leading entertainers among them Jaguar, Nameless, Willy Paul, Pierra Makena, MC Jesse, Crème de la Crème, DJ Joe Mfalme and Sleepy among others thrilling the masses, the extravaganza lived up to its billing. On Saturday night, the busy town almost came to a stand-still as hundreds drove in from as far as Nairobi to attend the bonanza.

By 8pm that night, the mega dome at the venue – whose capacity had been estimated at 5,000 – was filled to capacity. With prominent personalities such as the Meru Governor Peter Munya gracing the VIP spot, music, comedy and dance rocked the night as celebrities took turns on stage giving it their all.

Check out some of the pictures below

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The Ameru Festival was by far one of the most successful shows to be witnessed in the country in the recent past.