While all your friends might tell you how lucky you are to be so gifted up on top, you know the true struggle of having big boobs. There’s so many things that make your friends the lucky ones for having small boobs, it’s basically the most unfair thing ever.


1. Finding a bra that fits is an all day affair


2. Trying to get your bra on, especially right after a shower, is the biggest struggle ever.
struggle after shower

3. Running is basically impossible.

running with boobs

4. Button up shirts don’t do their job properly.

button up shirt

5. Wearing low cut tops is taking the risky chance of showing your boobs to everyone.

low cut is no go

6. The under wire in bras literally hate you.

exploding bra

7. Quadraboob is REAL.


8. Push up bras are completely out of the question and make you look ridiculous.

push up bra

9. Bikinis are another risky choice.


10. Wearing two sports bras when exercising is the norm.

sports bra

11. Strapless dresses are just an occasion to constantly worry about falling out.


12. Wearing a shirt that actually fits your boobs leads to instant judgement.

tight fitting

13. Lying on your stomach is impossible unless you want to be suffocated.


14. Cute bras in your size? Nonexistent.

it's not happening

15. Backless shirts and dresses are foreign concepts to you.

backless dress

16. Crop tops and bustiers won’t contain the girls.


17. Back pain is routine.


18. Lying on your back more than likely means not being able to see anything in front of you.
laying on back

19. Ruffles, frills, or shirts with writing on them end up going wrong.

kate upton

20. Boob sweat is your worst enemy.

boob sweat

21. Tops with built in bras? Please.


22. Cross body bags and seat belts cut into you terribly.

cross body and seatbelts

23. You’re very familiar with big boob jokes and might even have some of your own.

post-47273-kate-upton-laughing-gif-Imgur-iuhISource: Teentimes