#HolzHangout by The Insyder and Coca-Cola

The Insyder magazine and Coca-Cola this December proudly bring you the #HolzHangout. It's a chance for the #TeenieMassive to catch a breath away from hustle and bustle...

Insyder Football Cup

The Insyder & Coca-Cola kickoff the IFC (Insyder Football Cup), a straight, 1v1 FIFA 17 knock-out tournament where the overall winner will take home 20k in cash!...

Fyah Mummah needs your help; she’s seeking medical treatment

The Trend's hostess, Jahmby Koikai aka Fyah Mummah needs our help. The beautiful media personality has always been open about her struggles with a rare form of...

Calling All Creative Writers!

You think you've got in you the creative writing skills to be the best? US $100 says you put your money where your pen is!The Insyder introduces...

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