Blue Corner

NAME: Jeff Kimani
ARTIST: Jeff Ki-Money
TRACK: Baller
REPPIN: The CornerBrook School


Name: Julianne Wambui
School: Ngara Girls High School
Form: 304

Undercover Bro

Mang'u Open Memories made, anticipation for the next one of its kind, before it happens it’s all you can think about, don’t think they know about it.

Term 2: Welcome To The Longest Term In High School

You probably didn’t like last term because of the unpalatable situation you went through being a mono. From washing the reeky lavatories to scrubbing the rough, dormitory floors, at some point you thought that your parents brought you to a ‘prison’...did I forget to mention the not-so-good food that you had to get used to.

My Love

Name: Hillary Odhiambo
School: Chesamisi High School
Form: 404

I-QRU’s Take

What's The Worst Pano You've Ever Been Given In Form One? 

I On Skulz

Thika High Profile

Red Corner

NAME: Antonio Stanely Raul (404)
ARTIST: Mistaken Identity
TRACK: Maswali za Polisi – The Mistaken Version
REPPIN: CornerBrook School - Juja (BROOKLYNN)

Must Read

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