King and Queen of HighSkool

This year’s crème de la crème of the MR. AND MRS HIGH SCHOOL event checked into our offices for a photo shoot.

Upperhill Slam Jam

Upperhill hosted schools like Our Lady Of Mercy, Maina Wanjigi School and Stach. Performances by G-kon, Jay A and DNA entertained the crowd.

Phat Moments

Phat Moments were seen from schools like Ruiru Boys, PB Kagwe, St. Paul's Nyeri, Upperhill, Kangubiri Girls, Parky, Texas, BG, Kiaragana

Beautiful Teens at Central Province Music Fests (Nyeri)

Schools like Maryhill, B.G, Kirwara, LK, Kagwe Girls, Ruiru Boys, Karima Girls, Kiaragana Girls, Muruaki Boys, Nanyuki High, Kangubiri Girls represented in the Central Province Music Fests

Buruburu Girls Slam Jam Series

Buruburu Girls hosted schools like Aquinas, OJ, Shimba Hills, Uppah and The Insyder Crew for the Slam Jam Series.

Blue Corner

NAME: Jeff Kimani
ARTIST: Jeff Ki-Money
TRACK: Baller
REPPIN: The CornerBrook School


Name: Julianne Wambui
School: Ngara Girls High School
Form: 304

Undercover Bro

Mang'u Open Memories made, anticipation for the next one of its kind, before it happens it’s all you can think about, don’t think they know about it.

Must Read

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