A blue man punching another blue man.

Weekend drama I tell you ! haha

It all happened in a small town in the relaxed Eastern province.

Talk of people fighting for love ! literally using MANGUMI!

A chief and a police officer ended up in an aggressive physical negotiation .. if you know what I mean, over a barmaid.

The barmaid had been playing the two men but they never knew.

On that day ,they met at the bar .

They had both come for the same reasons of course , to see their bae.

After realizing that they had been in a love triangle they decided to start a fight.

Which according to me is strange… I mean .. I think they should have questioned the barmaid instead .

But anyway .. it doesn’t matter what I think.

Sources say that ,as the men fought ,the barmaid kept insisting and telling them that she loved them both.

Quite a hilarious scenario.

The brawl was broken off when security guards bebad the chief out of the bar.

Well you can all guess who won the fight.