“Maybe our society has changed?” they ask. We might keep on blaming the society forgetting we are the society. Our society in spite all our bloodless passions, we have men and women who have opted for cheap lifestyle; sex without love. They have renounced their right to appreciate life with all its beauty and ugliness, its vices and virtues, its contradictions and conformity. By obliging to consider this then you will know the beauty of life.

Back to Girl X she refused to live the beautiful life she is now dejected an outcast in her own populace. The illness was noticed after her prostitution broke the banks. She became the well of the village where all Tom, Dick and Harry could fetch water. The motorcycle rider infected her with STD’s as if she was not contented she forged forward and got the deadly virus. She became emaciated hopeless in life. But fortunately she got an Angel in disguise.

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She walked with her through this path of shame. She was also infected, but older. If not for her new friend Girl X would have perished, she had no clue of ARV’s the ignorant populace believes with HIV/AIDS it is the end of life. They advise you to start enjoying the ounce of life you are remaining with. Girl X started taking the ARVs being her only source of life. Every time she woke up in the morning and took the peels she cried and remorse and regret filled her.

She wanted to seek revenge. The drugs helped her retain her beauty hiding all the wounds beneath the scars. This was an advantage in her master plan. She promised herself she would not suffer alone. Girl X is a village girl ready to demise the whole village because no one listened to her when she needed money. The next episode of this chronicles now shows you the journey of Girl X trying to annihilate her community.

By Obigwa Brian

Insatagram @__obigwa__