Girl X

Is she ignorant or is it her intelligence that’s compromised? I ask this rhetorical question in a quest to exhume a disturbing scenario I encountered. It has become a norm to blame our Nairobi teen girls for being unchaste. But do you think we are forgetting the other set of girl child. A report revealed that girls in peri-urban settlements abort occasionally and Homa Bay and Nyamira topping the table. Unfortunate right? These girls in rural areas are either ignorant or just have compromised intelligence. I was fortunate to expatriate in one of this settlements, I grabbed the opportunity and did my research and would like to share with you dear reader.


My story is about Girl X in a rural settlement deep down in Kisii. Girl X is in form two and pregnant. She lives in fear because if her parents come to know of this she’ll be doomed for demise. The money Girl X can acquire can’t even buy a painkiller to salvage her pains. The man that impregnated her is a barber who earns merely shillings not enough to feed his family. Girl X is surely in Peril. To make ends meet is her only option and due to her stoicism she gets money and goes to a quack who gets rid of the infant but leaves her with unbearable pain. Suffering in silence is what she succumbs to. Weeks later her sponsor who was a public service motorcycle rider wants his money back. Girl X is in distress for her family lives from hand to mouth. The man asks for a price familiar to Girl X but with all this pain it seemed like she was ‘clean’ again. Is she ignorant that she doesn’t know the consequences of her insidious desire for sex? Or is her intelligence just compromised?
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By Obigwa Brian