Rio 2016 came to a close on Sunday, and with Eliud Kipchoge taking the gold with a time of 2:08 for the 42km run, Kenya’s beautiful anthem was played. A part from the 13 medals that Kenyan athletes bagged for the country, there was one more proud moment for Kenyans, Twitter exploded with praises for our amazing anthem.

Check out some of the tweets below

@lindsayince: Wow, Kenya has a beautiful national anthem! What a tune! You learn something new every day! #ClosingCeremony

@Thegetawayplan9: Kenya has one of the most beautiful national anthem’s. I am not sure I have heard it before tonight.

@nickvividrocks: Kenya has a bada*s sounding national anthem

‏@AkilahObviously: The Kenyan national anthem is so haunting and beautiful like wow WOW

‏@elle_lynne: The Kenyan National Anthem is the best national anthem ever. This thing is tough.

‏@jamal_j_wash: Kenya’s national anthem sounds like an epic biblical movie opening. I thought The Ten Commandments was coming on #ClosingCeremony

‏@MikaMarie33: Kenya’s national anthem sounds so majestic. Gorgeous.

‏@BrittanyMDonald: That was a beautiful medal ceremony! Congratulations Eliud Kipchoge on winning #gold! #Olympics #marathon #ClosingCeremony

‏@KResearcher: Well it seems the World fell in love with the Kenya national anthem after it was played during the Rio closing ceremony. Kipchoge did that.