This is my story. A story of a lost love, a lost life. But a discovery of a world brand new.

There I am immerging from her edge, she makes no noise and continues dancing in the wind. I look at her, she seems so glad. Trying to tell her of my presence, but somehow though not responding I soon understand that she knew I was on my way.

She is so beautiful and I wonder if I am anything like her. I try to look around; there are very few others that look like her. This is a strange world indeed, there are so many creatures unknown to me. I look on in my first few hours in that strange place.

Several hours later she speaks to me, shocking me out of my wits! She says a very warm ‘Hello’. With those first words, I fell for her and knew that that was the beginning of a very long lasting relationship. I had so many questions to ask, not knowing where to start. Seeming to understand, she said that everything would reveal itself to me at the appropriate time. I just smiled and continued looking at her expecting so much more than she was offering me.

Rose-flowers-Mother, as I later discovered her name to be, was the best person for me. In a strange world, she was truly my guardian angel. Whatever I needed, Mother was always there. Minding me and keeping me. I really adored her. I did not stop thinking about all the creatures around us. Some of these creatures would stop to touch me, at such times I was so scared I wanted to scream out, but my voice would suddenly disappear. I don’t know why Mother insists that it is fine to be caressed by some unknown beings; no way would I want to be touched! I find it painful and uncomfortable. These creatures that could move around were very bad news.

Our neighbours were among my good friends. We would chat all day and sing with the bees. I learned so much from them. One horrendous day, I saw the creatures with a shinny thing in their hand. They used this thing to kill our neighbour. In a flash, they had ripped her away from her family. I was distraught and swore to avenge her death.

I learnt so much in first day there, from sunning myself, to eating, from dancing to singing even taking to birds and insects. I had so many bees as my friends and they would take my messages to my other friends. As my knowledge grew, so did my loathing of the creatures. Mother and I became the best of friends; none could tear us apart, literally! On that day I could have sworn I saw mother grow bigger, she could now cast a shadow on me. Now she looked even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

I should have predicted this, the creatures came to sniff mother, I tried to protect her as I saw that one of them had the same shinny thing that had killed my neighbour. But she asked me to stop, I couldn’t bear to watch as they cut her up and took her away from me. Her last words to me as she was being cut were that she loved me and the creatures were called human beings. She also said that we were flowers, with very little power to protect ourselves from them.

That day changed my life forever. When another flower formed from me, I taught it all the ruthlessness of humans and we tried to find ways to protect ourselves. From my being onwards, we started growing thorns and made our bodies even more beautiful. This has worked for many years as I now understand from my greatest being. The beauty attracts the humans, but then we prick them to show our grief and anger.

I said I would avenge my neighbour’s death and so I did. A flower I may be, insignificant creature to humans, but, I swear on Mother’s name, that I shall be the most renowned and known flower among all humans

pink rose among thornsMy story; the first rose to grow thorns.

By Sarah Nduta