What’s the world coming to? I mean, seriously, something is off if pastors are being accused of crimes left, right and centre. fleecing their congregation is a little understandable given the context but armed robbery? Surely?


A nigerian pastor, Peter Lyesele is pleading with police to have mercy on him after he was nubbed for allegedly hijacking trucks along the Lagos Ogun highway. The truck in question was ferrying air conditioners valued at over $75,00 and the pastor along with three others diverted and hijacked it. From police reports, this has been going a while and they had launched investigations to nub the perpetrators.

“My name is Peter Iyesele, 56-year-old, I am married and I have four children. I am a pastor and I have a church along the Badagry Expressway.   “I was arrested at Igando Bus Stop for participating in hijacking and diversion of goods worth over N25m. I have been engaging in these operations for years but after a while I stopped and invested proceeds from the operations in transportation,” Pastor Iyesele added.

He pointed out that he had made enough from a series of operations in the past and was doing well in his transportation business before being duped by a woman. It was at this juncture that the clergyman decided to re-join the gang so as to get money to expand his church.

Joe Black