FACT OR FICTION Eating Quails will make you look like this

Big Ups

CONSOLATA GIRLS-KEVOTE(CHANGERZ) Mariyam(204) to Chichi Chizy(304)Koch skuI In lyf we meet many peeps burh those gr8 oneslyk yew live a mark in our hearts.Love...

Your Letters

Now ever since the legitimate leader Osama left us. I guess you guys be the best replacement of terrorists lol! Your mag is just the BOMB!!!


T9 Boy
Yes you are a mono and relationships might start hitting as you proceed on with your high school life. Most of you(probably those who were not in a mixed boarding school) might have never had the chance to come close to chics but the case is now different as you’ll even dance with them during funkies

Undercover Bro

Mang'u Open Memories made, anticipation for the next one of its kind, before it happens it’s all you can think about, don’t think they know about it.