psycho selfie niggaA study surveying the social media habits of 800 men confirmed with science what we’ve always known in our hearts—if you constantly take a bunch of selfies and post them online, you might have some mild psychological issues.

A research project, conducted at the Ohio State University, straddles the line between “no duh” and “well, that’s disturbing” with its findings. The lead author, Jesse Fox, says that the study proved that self-taking dudes, who also spent time editing their front-facing snapshots, scored high for narcissism. Ok, not particularly surprising.

psycho selfie dudeHowever, guys who posted lots of selfies, but didn’t really spend time editing them, showed signs of above average psychopathy.

Psycho selfie pulp fictionBut it’s not like if you take photos of yourself you’re immediately a crazy ax murderer. These levels of narcissism, self-objectification, and psychopathy were within average means and not diagnosed disorders, says Fox. In fact, a little bit of psychopathy isn’t necessarily a bad thing for your Tinder profile.

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