Have you ever been so single till you’re convinced that you’re meant to be alone? Solo rider type of thing. Being single is a personal choice that is made under certain influence by what an individual goes through, mostly heart breaks. Major heart breaks are caused by infidelity, who would want to be in a relationship that has a foundation based on lies and secrets. Ask me? I rather be alone than be in a toxic relationship.


Secrets and lies in relationship could make one feel a certain  level of suffocation, so sick of the same  games and tricks. Protecting yourself would actually be the best deal you could offer yourself, that type of deal that the heart would not say no to. So why do I say famously single? I’m actually referring to the type of single-hood that takes years. The single-hood sworn by the Holy Book never to ever open your heart to any  possibilities of loving again.


Being famously single has its own starter pack, get heart-broken pretty bad, no rebounds, you become the center stage in your life. Your career,job,degree become your ultimate bae. Sounds easy but once you are here it’s definitely possible , for you to reach this point of accepting yourself as a loner you will need a couple of tears that have been  tattooed on the heart.

Take your time, do not rush it, that perfect time will come to be or better enough take the title famously single and own it till the one comes through.