Scorpion Promo poster

Scorpion is an American drama series based on the life of a highly gifted genius who also happens to be a computer geek.

Walter O’ Brien leads a group of equally talented individuals who work together to solve complex world problems and consequently save lives in the process. Their incredible skill is noticed by thw Department of Homeland Security, which later recruits them to act as a High-Tech defense against global threats of crime to the United States.

The crew, famously named as Scorpion is made of: Walter the team lead with brains the size of a planet; Sylvester Dodd the math brain; Happy Quinn a mechanical wunderkind; and Toby Curtis a world class shrink.

However, for all their mental smarts, they lack the uncomfortable gift of human empathy that allows them humanity; this in turn makes them incredibly socially awkward. This is why they need Paige Dineen, a former waitress who shows them the basic skill o social interaction and she in turn develops an understanding for her gifted son.