You probably didn’t like last term because of the unpalatable situation you went through being a mono. From washing the reeky lavatories to scrubbing the rough, dormitory floors, at some point you thought that your parents brought you to a ‘prison’…did I forget to mention the not-so-good food that you had to get used to. Nevertheless that was just a tidbit of Term 1, which seemed rather shorter than expected. They’d say that Term 2 is the longest in the school calendar considering it has three months and part of August. This is would of course be the best term for students (especially 304s and 404s) as they get to attend all the funkies including symposiums.

Surviving in this term is quite tricky considering it being a long one. If you don’t take extra pre-caution you could be expelled especially for schools with strict rules. Some of the students you become friends with may tend to mess you up while still in 104. It’s better playing safe other than being at odds with the administration. Don’t show the teachers that you are ‘bauss’ yet you are just new in school. Make friends with guys who’ll guide you na wakujanjarue; not those who’ll make you lead school strikes.

In terms of funkies, you may have to wait for at least 2 years before attending them becomes a ‘right’ to you(well, at least for a good number of schools).The only ones that you’d get access to are maybe the talent search or sports funkies but for symposiums…hell no! Don’t try sneak in events where you have been ‘barred’ from going to coz you will get it rough at the end of the day. Just do as some of us would do when we were monos where we would whistle when hot mamaz pass outside the class and they would kinda get pissed off. After all it was much fun!

Be warned that if you don’t watch over your clothes in those hang lines, someone else will anua them for yah’ especially when a funkie is beckoning. I’ve warned you, guys from higher classes crave for 104s clothes as they consider them new and good for wearing in funkies. They’d rather not wash their old, ratchet shirts or trousers. Term 2 involves quite a number of sporting activities. Involve yourself in as many as you can and show your prowess in either of the sport because the rest of the students would want to associate with a ‘star’ in school.

Last of all, I’m sure your pero got you shopping that would last for almost an year yet you don’t even consume everything within this term. I bet you saw that the other fellas (esp. 404s) rarely do shopping. If you wanna make sure no one intimidates you (esp. the 204s), wajenge na something little. Whether it’s the drinking chocolate or a scoop of blue band, be assured no one’s gonna lay a hand on you.

In other words, just play safe this term but also try coming out of that ‘perplexed zone’. Make as many friends as possible but not those who will not hoodwink you. All the same, enjoy the funkies and don’t forget to chokoza the chics when they are around!