I’ll admit I do not know much about gays and thus, I cannot participate in the “are gays born or made” argument without airing my ignorance. I understand that the definition of a homosexual is someone who is attracted to someone of the same sex. Being heterosexual, therefore, it does not fall upon me to try and demystify, justify or exonerate homosexuality. But at times like this, everyone is entitled to an opinion.

For over 50 years now, the gay debate in the US has been on going with many losses; several wins , raised awareness and inevitably, a flow of hatred toward the LGBT society. It has been used by politicians to push their agenda, often coming in handy in bagging key election victories. It has been a struggle; a bitter tussle between liberals and conservatives whose results have been never ending battles in court. But yesterday, the LGBT society won the biggest battle yet when the Supreme Court legalized same sex marriages across all states. While that score might be settled, it has not got rid of the hordes of homophobes or, to put it more aptly, the homophobic. Not yet, anyway.

Much of what America decides sooner or later is followed by most other countries that uphold democracy. Back home, the LGBT debate is still on-going. It is going through the phases the US one underwent. Ultimately, no matter how long it takes and despite the dominant anti-gay mentality, a similar ruling will have to be made too. Such is democracy. Some concepts take a number of decades to gain enough support.

The gay population in Kenya will keep on increasing with each passing day and it will reach a point where we will need more concrete reasons to oppose it. Quoting the Bible and other Holy books will not be enough. The distinction between a democracy and a theocracy will come into play and that argument will be deemed unconstitutional. People will scrutinize the other wildly popular ‘Against African culture’ argument, think up all the African practices they’ve had to give up for modern ones and come to the realization that it does not hold water either. When all is said and done, democracy will have the upper hand. As its other principles continue being upheld, the abandonment of the ‘equality for all’ tenet will come into the limelight and a change will have to come about. It’s just how these things go.

On my thoughts concerning the matter, His Holiness Pope Francis phrased it better than I could have, who am I to judge? Equality is allowing each to his own. So long as one does not cross my turf, why not? It’s so easy to sit on a corner and talk bullspit about it being against nature but seriously, what you know about nature? Who knows squat? Nature just is. Human description of nature is just subjective judgment. If figuring out nature was that easy, we could have rational explanations for all the phenomena. Matter of fact, there would be no phenomena at all since everything would be ‘natural’.

If a woman chooses to marry another woman, and they do not do it on my budget, or in my front porch, well and good; whatever floats their boat. Getting all bitter and worked up at it is pointless. If you do not respect other peoples’ choices, why on earth should they respect yours? If everyone was to sit down and think about his reasons for subjecting LGBT people to persecution and denying them equal rights, they’d come to the same conclusion; It is all much ado about nothing.

Let love reign.