During the last 48 hours, the timelines in our social media feeds have been filled with people eagerly waiting for the results and political opinions. The feed has become boring with such content but we however found our comic relief.

During the polling process, a photo of a man eating githeri was shared all over social media, and now the man has become iconic.

  1. The guy decided to snack on his githeri while queuing to vote and this photo was quickly turned into a Photoshop gallery and it is hilarious! Check out the photos from the man we now fondly refer to as Githeri Man.


Now we need to find this Internet sensation who has given Kenyans much needed distraction from the ongoing electoral process.

We would like to feature him and get to know him more. If you or someone you know spots him. Hit is up on text, calm or whatsapp on our number 0724176088. Or you can simply leave your comments below.