absI heard a group of ladies discussing about how their underwear defines them. I got a little gossip and gathered that there is a lot to just buying and wearing panties and bras. So read this. Knowledge is power it might save you the harm of sending wrong signals to your partner.

1. Matching underwear.

pantyBy this I mean; if the panty is green, so is the bra and both are of the same make. So wearing this shows that you have intentions of someone other than yourself seeing them. I mean; you didn’t just match for self pleasure, you probably wanted to impress somebody.

2. Red panties

redA lady wearing red panties probably watches a lot of television. We see the ladies in red under garments as brave and courageous characters. So red is assumed to be worn by a woman who is confident with her bedroom skills.

3. Lace

lacedLace is thought of as straight up sexy. When a chic decides to wear lace she is showing off. She is confident about her body since lace literally shows off a lot of skin, which adds up to being sexy.

4. Pink, Smiley’s and other weird drawings


This tells that you are straight up immature in the game. Or rather a polite word, a beginner.

Having to wear panties that have power puff girls drawing on them are so elementary school. If you are of age, please grow up!

By Louisa Nungari

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