Art is male-dominated and when it comes to graffiti on Matatus, getting a chiq doing it is a rarity. Meet Whitney, the owner of Whitcreations who is taking guys in the industry head-on. She has worked on Kasarani’s Smoke and in the current project she works alongside her buddy Oksechi. Whitney terms her entry to designing as accidental. Why accidental?

Whitney was doing marketing for some huge local mobile service provider. She was still in campus, Moi Univeristy, Nairobi Campus but hustling to get a living. One day while marketing some stuff, she saw a client who was designing on his computer and she chipped her mind, “Ummh, hapo weka Red. Itaweza. Hiyo, no.” The client was taken aback, by her sharpness and how she easily talked. Few months later, he called her to work together with him.

For two years, she worked with him, apprenticing and learning the trade. It’s been quite a tough journey for her. The industry has bigwigs who have a name and carving her niche has been an issue since she’s a lady, plus little known. “Being a chiq is so challenging as many people doubt my ability, plus some judge, feeling that I’m just a cheap girl looking for men,”

An alumnus of Buru galz, she is so passionate about arts and wishes she’d find more ladies in the industry. In fact, back in Buru she started an art club which she usually asks if it’s still active. She laments how just a handful of ladies would show up during the club days on Thursdays. She is not in art because she has no capability of doing anything else, no. She studied Banking and Finance in Campus. She calls herself Jane of all trades as she is still a good chef, can design clothes and is also a make-up artist!